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    •    Registered with Fitness Australia 

    •    Cert IV & III Fitness and Personal Training, 

    •    Fitness Educator Cert

    •    Group Cycle Cert

    •    Kickboxing Cert

    •    Strength and conditioning coach

    •    Rehab Trainer

    •    Advanced First Aid

    •    Crossfit Instructor



    •    Rehabilitation

    •    Fat and Weight loss

    •    Toning

    •    Strength and Conditioning

    •    Kickboxing

    •    Cycling 

    •    Bootcamps


“Health & fitness has always been a priority in my life. As a busy single mum of 2 boys I’ve always made sure to make room in my week for exercise.


After many years in a corporate role &  several years in Singapore as an expat I returned to Sydney with the desire to change my life & make a difference to others. 

Since becaming a Personal Trainer  have enjoyed every minute of my new life!

My passion is to encourage women of all ages to embrace a balanced, healthy lifestyle & understand that is never too late to make the changes that will make this a reality. 

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